We don't have to tell you that first impressions are everything! And it's no different when potential buyers view your house for the first time.

In this short video, Ellen gives her tips and tricks for making sure your home leaves viewers wanting more. From sweeping the driveway to our golden 10% rule, this is how you'll turn viewers into buyers.

This is a short summary of Ellen's top tips for getting your home viewing ready:

1. Exterior first impression: Create a welcoming first impression by clearing the driveway, sweeping the pathway, and adding a fresh welcome mat. Remove cobwebs and spiders from the front door for a clean entrance.

2. Declutter: reduce your belongings by 10% removing excess items. Hide away clutter in cupboards and drawers to create a sense of space and openness.

3. Create a welcoming Atmosphere: Add scents like candles and diffusers. Add colour with houseplants and fresh flowers to bring colour and life to every room.

4. Outdoor Space: Don't neglect your garden! Put out garden furniture, mow the lawn, and create a cozy outdoor area for potential buyers to envision themselves enjoying.

5. Winter Considerations: During colder months, ensure the heating is on and outdoor lights are working. A for sale board can also make your property easy to locate for interested buyers.

6. Quick Touch-Ups: While you may not achieve show home perfection for every viewing, simple tasks like making beds, clearing surfaces, and tidying up can greatly enhance the appeal of your home.

7. look at your home from the perspective of buyer: Take a look at your home from a buyer's perspective. Fall in love with your property all over again by ensuring it's presented in the best possible light.

8. Contact us: If you need more guidance on preparing your home for viewings, reach out for expert tips and advice.

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