If only we could all have Ed Sheeran as our personal home-hunter.

The Castle on the Hill singer has revealed he personally stepped in to choose Scottish superstar Lewis Capaldi’s new digs.

And we’re feeling pretty honoured to hear we played a part, too.

Sheeran, during a Clyde 1 radio interview today with Garry Spence, says: “Let me tell you something about Capaldi. He goes, ‘Ed, I’m looking to find a house.’ So I just went on Rightmove and typed in Glasgow, and within about ten miles, and I sent him one and said ‘how about this?’”

Not only did Capaldi move into the house, he also received a pretty unusual housewarming gift from the superstar singer.

“So when he got his house, I wanted to send him a housewarming present that’s really annoying. You know those massive vinyl dinosaurs like they have in zoos? The huge seven-metre things?”

“He had to go into town and rent a forklift. In solidarity, I got myself one too,” says Sheeran.

So, somewhere outside of Glasgow, it sounds to us like Lewis Capaldi is happily living in a home picked out for him by Lego House singer Ed Sheeran, with a gigantic T-Rex in the garden. Brilliant!

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