Pet owners, we get it – selling a home with pets can have its challenges. Whether it's managing viewings with lively companions or ensuring a fresh atmosphere, here are some savvy tips to smoothly sell your property while sharing it with your beloved pets.

In this short video, Debbie shares her tips for navigating moving home with you and your pets best interest at heart! Featuring Debbie's very own dog, Cooper 🐾

These Tips include:

  • Secure Your Pets: Before viewings, ensure your pets are safely secured or consider taking them out of the property altogether.
  • Temporary Arrangements: For caged pets, consider temporarily relocating them to a friend or neighbours home during viewings. If they must stay, ensure they are secured in a quiet area to prevent disruptions.
  • Tidy Up: Prior to viewings, tidy up any pet-related items such as toys, bowls, and bedding. Don't forget to check the garden for any mess. Implement odour control strategies like air fresheners or scented candles to neutralise pet smells.
  • Highlight Pet-Friendly Features: If your property has pet-friendly features like a secure garden or close proximity to dog-friendly walking routes, be sure to mention them during viewings.
  • Communicate with Your Agent: Inform your estate agent about your pets so they can accommodate any extra processes required. A good agent will work with you to schedule viewings efficiently and provide plenty of notice.

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