"All estate agents do the same thing"

A common phrase heard in the estate agency world... But, do they?

Does rightmove really do all the heavy lifting? Can sellers pick any estate agent without thinking too much about it?

In this live Q&A video with 4 business owners (Georgina, Neil, Stuart and Ian) they discuss the detail that ANY PROPERTY SELLER should know before going to the market.

In this live Q&A they discuss:

A Useful Tool, But Not the Sole Solution

While Rightmove is a valuable tool for buyers and sellers, it's important to recognise its limitations. A proactive approach with effective marketing strategies and personalised service are essential and Rightmove cannot do that better than us.

Going Beyond Rightmove

We highlight the proactive measures avocado property take to sell properties, including multiple inquiries through social media, open house techniques, and marketing that go beyond Rightmove.

The Importance of Marketing

We emphasise the significance of good marketing and presentation in attracting buyers. Sharing examples of properties that struggled to sell due to poor marketing.

The Importance of a Personalised Service

We share the importance of personalised service and attention to detail in the property selling process. While Rightmove may provide exposure, it's the estate agent's role to drive inquiries, engage potential buyers, and guide sellers through the process effectively.

It's a 7-minute video, so hit that play button and let us know your thoughts here.

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