From structural issues to neighbourhood amenities, these questions will help you get a comprehensive understanding of the property you're considering. So, whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned property investor, read on to discover the questions you should be asking on your next property viewing.

Here are 8 questions in which you should ask on a viewing...

1. What's the owners situation? Why are they looking to move and how quickly are they looking to move?

2. Has the current owner made any changes to the property? Have they replaced the kitchen, bathroom or boiler? These are typically the most expensive costs to you as a new buyer.

3. Was the property marketed as under offer and has since come back to the market, if so why? The buyer may have pulled out due to a poor survey, if that's the case has the owner rectified the issues?

4. If you like the property, I would be asking when is the nearest time you can book a second viewing, as well as if there is any other interest?

5. Who are the neighbours like? Because you can't change them or yourself.

6. Are there local schools and what's their ofsted rating? This may not benefit yourself, but it may well benefit future families when re-selling.

7. Freehold properties can be can be altered, what extensions can be made to keep you there for longer and increase the property price?

8. For Leasehold properties you should ask, how much is the service charge and ground rent? Likewise when are these due to be reviewed?

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Ricky Veale

Stevenage Avocado Partner