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Report a problem with your property 24/7 365 quickly and efficiently with our Propertyfile app. No more leaving a message and chasing it up with a different person who can’t see any record of any previous report. Smart, quick, easy and safe. We’ve invested in the best technology so you can rent your property safe in the knowledge we have your back.


We have partnered with Goodlord for our referencing, ID checking and contract services. As the leading company in their field it means you have a total guarantee to the compliance of our documents and process. Also some of the fastest referencing, the ability to reserve a property on the spot with the agreement of the landlord and access to see the progression of your tenancy with total clarity.


We’re partners in the business. No trainees out on viewings who don’t know the area, let alone the street. We’re experienced at what we do and as it’s our business we take things very personally. As with any property, occasionally things will break down or there will be a problem but Ian and Mike will do everything they can to ensure your stay in a property Avocado manages is a pleasant one.

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