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Looking to buy your first property can be daunting. There is so much jargon, and whilst you learned about the periodic table and the history of the American civil war in school, no one talked to you about capital repayment mortgages or the land registry.

In a post covid-19 Britain one thing we can be sure of is that buying a property will still be a good long term decision, however in order to be taken seriously it is important you are organised prior to arranging to visit any properties.

We are experienced property professionals who have done it all before, but recognise that everyone does something for the first time once, and as people only move a few times in their lives, very few ever get experienced at buying or selling houses.

We will go through an in-depth registration process to ensure we have helped you to the best of our ability and in some cases build a targeted marketing campaign to source a property on your behalf if what you want isn’t openly available. This includes contact with our partners at local independent financial advisors and solicitors to ensure you are safe and well advised throughout the process.


The age old quandary, sell your house first or find first then put your house on the market. Lots of agents will give you their opinion, probably before you even ask for it.

Truth is, their opinion often comes from a place of vested interest, trying to get you to do what they want you to do, to suit them. There is no one size fits all answer. Particularly with your family home, as important as it is to judge the market, your family comes first and must be considered before taking the plunge.

We’d be honoured to be included in your decision making for your next move, we’ll always offer you an opinion, and promise to always tell you why we’re saying it. We have no regional sales director to please, no weekly sales targets, so whether we help you sell the house this week or in three months time doesn’t concern us as long as we provide you the service you deserve.


The buy to let world has moved at quite a pace in the last decade and shows no sign of stopping. Being a landlord is a professional business, you must be ultra-compliant, which is why we invest in the best property management software available for your peace of mind.

As partners in the business, we are both landlords ourselves so have walked the path you are now, so who better to sit down and have a cuppa with to discuss, why you are looking to buy a property, the purpose it needs to serve, and a long term plan around it.

We understand not everyone is looking for ROI, Yield, ROC and other jargon based measurements on how good an investment is otherwise people would buy their rental properties in other areas of the UK.

There is a thriving local rental market with good tenants looking for good quality accommodation. We’re here to match you with them.

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