We stand to be different and showcase properties in a bespoke and unique way, and we believe the video marketing of properties are vital to the buyers and sellers experience.

But why we hear you ask? Well let us explain…

How many times have you viewed a property to only say…. “It was much better in the photos” or “it’s nothing like the photos suggested” 
We bet a fair few times, and its frustrating for all. The buyer has travelled over to see a property they would never have been interested in, the sellers spent time tidying the property to present it for a viewing that ultimately was a waste of time.

Now you can’t sell your property to the first person through the door every time, however we can raise the chances through our videos.

When a buyer has seen all of the photos, the floorplan and a detailed video tour of the house, they have a feeling that its what they are looking for, so when they walk through the door it’s almost a second viewing, looking at the detail of the home and making a decision on an offer. No longer are we hoping someone will like the property from a few photos and risk wasting peoples time, the viewing experience is so much better and therefore the confidence to offer is higher.

Can photos tell you all about what’s nearby? Do they sell the lifestyle of living in your home? How important is the local park, shop you can walk to and trainline around the corner. 

Every home has a unique selling point, whether it’s the fantastic cul-de-sac where street parties take place, the local dog walks you never would know exist or the cut through your know about to the train station or bus stop into town. With our videos, we can introduce the properties, tour the local area and showcase the lifestyle someone could have living there. We know its all about the location, and videos give us the chance to show everyone just how fantastic it is to live here.

Engagement… How can these videos reach more people. 

Now we all know how popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok are, as scrolling through endless clips can keep us all entertained for hours. Its no different when showcasing a home. Videos are pushed through Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime location as well as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for people to engage with, effortlessly see the video tour on their phone, receive the video by WhatsApp or email. It’s in the palm of their hand to fall in love with and arrange a viewing. These options give you the widest possible audience, along with using targeted marketing to the right demographic, you get the best platform to push your home.

Now after all of this, your home is showcased, under offer and you are moving on, it also nice to have a video of your home to keep forever.

If you want to see how the videos look, click here….

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