Estate Agents think they sell properties… They Don’t.

Ask any estate agent what they do for a living and they would say they sell or let properties.


Greggs sell sausage rolls.  They make them; they own them and they sell them.

Estate Agents over the years have got this so so wrong in my opinion. We don’t sell houses because we don’t own them – you do.  We are paid to advertise properties in a selection of different ways that would result in attracting buyers or tenants. We then supply information and use our knowledge to make sure you have all the facts needed with your decision making process.  Estate agents should NOT be making the decision for you.

This is also where the myth that ‘all agents do the same thing’ and should charge the same amount of money is incorrect.  Example - if my wife goes to a hairdressers then she will pay extra for knowledge, experience, skill and trust.  This is no different in my industry, local knowledge, property transaction experience, skills in marketing and trust that you feel an agent working honestly on your behalf.

If I could get every estate agent to understand that you are paying them for their experienced consultation, alongside their marketing skills and not to ‘sell a house’ I am 100% certain it would be a more respected industry. After all has an estate agent ever convinced you to buy a house you didn’t want to?

I thought it was unlikely.

Avocado Property is a residential sales and lettings estate agent, we specialise in digital, modern and advanced marketing techniques for properties.  We have decades of property experience in the local area and we have a goal to change this industry for the better by making the focus about people before properties.

We’re not advising clients not to put properties For Sale during lockdown because we feel morally it’s incorrect and is also be poor marketing advice. You can only launch a property for the first time once, doing it at the right time is key and with the right quality of marketing even more important. Don’t rush it, nothing too progressive can happen now anyway.  Now is the time to make plans, prepare your property and for the right timing.

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