Should I sell my home in Slough before the “C” word or wait until the New Year?

With Christmas sneaking up on us a lot of people are asking, "Should I market my property in Slough now or wait until the New Year?".  In truth, this can only really be answered by the home owner but from a market perspective now is an incredibly good time to sell your property.

A lot of potential sellers will be holding off marketing their property in Slough until after Christmas as they won’t want the disruption over the festive period, this will work in your favour as there will be less competition on the market and more demand from buyers.

The festive period is when the selling portals get the most activity, last year Zoopla had its busiest ever day on Boxing Day with search’s soaring a massive 70.5 % compared to pre-Christmas levels and in recent years RightMove has reported an increase of 231% in traffic between December 26th and New Year’s Eve.

My advice, take advantage of the current market and demand from buyers. It’s no secret the market currently is booming with a huge in balance between buyers and available properties. Sadly, there's no crystal ball to predict next year’s market therefore all signs point to selling pre-Christmas.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail or any property related questions, then I’m here to help. So just drop me a message or email and I’d be happy to help.

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