BRR has been a phrase know among seasoned property investors for many years.  But it is only now that people new to property investment are truly seeing the value.


Mainly because the value in savings is so low that people are looking for new ways to create wealth. It is clear to see that the property market is in a solid place to start, and we are potentially in a property market boom meaning serious money can be made through good advice and timing.

The new types of property to look out for are:

-    Properties with garages to the side.
-    Houses with the option to add dormer extensions
-    Run down properties in need of refurbishment
-    Gardens that are large enough to add an extension for an annexe
-    Properties with integral garages that could be converted to reception/bedroom space.
-    Properties that have been marketed for over 6months 
-    Chain breaks
-    Part Exchanged Houses

The reasons for the search criteria above are detailed and if you are an investor or soon to be investor then please contact us to explain.

There is even more security in property investment currently, this is because we are in a property market boom and prices are increasing.  This means, that in a climbing market there are chances of seeing equity gains even by the time the transaction have gone through.

There is no doubt that mortgage interest rates are very cheap at the moment! With low interest rates and lots of opportunities to make money through property, my advice would be to take advantage of a booming market. We offer a consultancy process with all local investors and have specialist connections with property investment finances business as well as HMO experts.  We would love to help you if BRR is of interest.

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